Project Plan

Project Plan

Current Condition of the Monument

The National Naval Reserve Monument was dedicated on Battle of the Atlantic Sunday in 1973 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Naval Reserve. Featuring an anchor, mast, bollards and two 9-pounder guns on a tree-lined plaza, the monument is the only monument dedicated uniquely to the Naval Reserve in Canada.

Current National Naval Reserve Monument

In the intervening years, the site has inevitably deteriorated. The paving stones are uneven, rust has corroded metal components and weathering has made the plaques difficult to read. Additionally the site is not accessible to those with mobility issues, including veterans of the Naval Reserve, and is not always adequately lit at night.

The 2023 Naval Reserve Centennial is a unique opportunity to revitalize the site and return it to a condition fit to its purpose.

The Revitalization Plan

The revitalization plan will restore the monument so that it is once more a safe and appropriate gathering place to celebrate Canada’s Naval Reserve. With your help, the restoration could include elements to further revitalize the site, add to its educational value and beautify this high-profile and well-located plaza.

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